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“Mary Lynne’s book, “The Warrior Teenager,” is the perfect book for teenagers who are struggling with depression, suicidal thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and despair. Every chapter is rich in visual images, captivating stories, and most importantly, grounded in practical strategies for teenagers to empower and transform their lives.”

— Janet Bray Attwood, 
NY Times Bestselling Author of The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches 
“As a mother of two teenagers, I highly recommend reading “The Warrior Teenager” to all parents of teenagers. Mary Lynne has effectively translated her challenges, experiences, awareness, and wisdom into an awe-inspiring guide with practical strategies for today’s youth. This is an excellent work of hope and confidence that helps young adults rise to become the Warrior Teenager in their lives.”

— Gagan Sarkaria, 
High Achievement Wellness & Business Coach
 | The Branding Expert | 
Praise for The Warrior Teenager
About the Book
Suicide, depression, and stress are all real for today’s teenagers.

The Warrior Teenager is a life guide for both young people and parents to 
navigate life’s challenges, overcome personal struggles, and find purpose in the world.

• Overcome hurtful humans, faulty friends, and stressful moments
• Create your Personal Playlist of positive talk
• Achieve inner-peace, calm, and confidence
• Leverage your thoughts and beliefs to fuel your self-happiness 
Author Mary Lynne Fernandez masterfully touches the reader’s soul through her expressive style, vivid metaphors, and painting the imagery with her analogies.
Through sharing her own story and process of success that Mary Lynne has applied with many, she gives you practical tools to embrace ‘True Power’ today!

Mary Lynne step-by-step guides you how to let go of self-sabotage.

In such a competitive & stressed world today, any young adult can 
become The Warrior Teenager! 
Perfect Timing

In a time of such despair and angst, The Warrior Teenager guides and supports teenagers to own their power, their authenticity, and learn to love themselves.
True Power

True Power comes from the heart. It's your personal guidance system. Learn to tap into yours and empower yourself through life's ups and downs.
Right Target

Full of real-life stories, situations, and events, 
The Warrior Teenager offers tools and techniques to catapult you to the next level.
“I do not know how Mary Lynne Fernandez packed such a fantastic amount of inspiration and insight into her book, “The Warrior Teenager.” Any teen who reads this book is definitely going to benefit from its wisdom. A new standard has been set.”

— Ray Lozano, 
Drug & Substance Prevention Specialist, and Youth Speaker
“Through real-life stories, Mary Lynne gives a peek into the teen psyche and shows teenagers that they are not alone when they feel overwhelmed, stressed, and confused about life. She breaks down a wealth of information into a practical step-by-step plan so they can take action to create a life of strength, confidence and ultimately a life of happiness.”

— Harriet Turk, 
Professional Speaker and Author of 
After The Speech: When Teens Get Real
Mary Lynne Fernandez struggled during her teenage years like so many teens do today. She overcame the struggle and teaches others to do the same so they can become a Warrior Teenager. 

Today she is respected as a powerhouse “Teen-Esteem Expert.” When it comes to connecting with teenagers, Mary Lynne is a real natural.

As a certified life coach, keynote speaker, and an author, Mary Lynne is a sought-after personal empowerment leader for teenagers!

Mary Lynne speaks and connects deeply with both teen and adult audiences. With depression and suicide being a part of Mary Lynne’s past, she helps break barriers by being real and educating on both topics. 

Using her own life experiences, she inspires you and fulfills your desire and need to understand the teenage world. Come access your True Power, self-love, and purpose in the world and be The Warrior Teenager.

About the Author
“I applaud author Mary Lynne Fernandez’s commitment to helping teens overcome self-sabotage and gain back their power. Her life experiences and self-discoveries in the book, “The Warrior Teenager,” are super impactful. She teaches teens to become warriors, so they do not suffer the heartache of being a wounded child after reaching adulthood. Mary Lynne courageously embraces her vulnerability and beautifully presents her knowledge and successful strategies to the teens and their parents.”

— JohnEgreek, Award Winning and Bestselling Author of Grandma’s Secret Blessings: 
A Memoir with a Twist
“Mary Lynne Fernandez has written a manual of hope and courage with specific suggestions that will be of immediate assistance to teenagers and their parents. In her book, “The Warrior Teenager,” Mary Lynne presents clear and logical steps that will result in parents and teens discovering common ground and moving forward in agreement. Readers can expect to find practical answers to everyday challenges with each reading of this excellent book.”

— Barbara H Mullen Reed, EdD.
Author of Rx For Recidivism and
Remembering to Dance
*Submit your receipt above and receive your bonus workbook, Living the Teen Dream, Goal Setting & Achieving.*
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